Why Invest In Your WMS…

We recently asked our Head of Business Development, Ben White to share his thoughts on how businesses can get the most out of their Warehouse Management Systems:

What are the main benefits of investing in a WMS and what operational issues can it help to resolve/improve?

Warehouse management systems have become central to both inbound and outbound operations. From improving customer satisfaction, transparency and visibility in your warehouse to efficient labour allocation and reduced operational expense, the benefits to businesses are vast:

  • Improved Pick efficiency – knowing exactly where to look for a product and in the case of a multiple pick, the most efficient route to collect all items
  • Improved Stock accuracy electronically recorded receipts and dispatches avoid stock count inaccuracies, essential in fulfilment businesses
  • Real-time inventory management – the most up to date information, available to all stakeholders at all times

How can you get the most out of your WMS?

Ensure your WMS fits with your automation plans and establish a provider that can scale with your business accordingly. A WMS should have core integration with automation equipment, which can manage capabilities of up to 100,000+ order per day.  It’s vital that businesses understand their warehouse process, the good and the bad. Your chosen WMS should fit with your business and not force you to fit with its requirements.

What has been the impact of robotics and automation on WMS? How have they developed to respond to this?

Both robotics and automation have led to major efficiency improvements in warehouse storage, allowing more inventory and quicker fulfilment times. The impact of this has led to a need for WMS providers to integrate with material handling systems to control increasingly complex automated conveyors or robotic picking systems. Surprisingly many market leaders appear to be slow in adapting to the innovations in automation and robotics. imio-WMS has been developed with automation in mind, ensuring logistics operations can be customised and seamlessly deployed to meet customer needs.

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