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When your Goods In, Putaway, Picking, Packing and Despatch operations are stretched on a daily basis, and at Peak are unable to provide the fast, accurate service your customers expect as standard – it could be time for a re-think.

homepage main imageCommon issues include an incomplete picture of stock movement through the warehouse, picking errors and bottlenecks in packing and carrier notification.

Warehouse software can add a great deal to warehouse operations, through its ability to join up separate processes, improve security, reduce errors and speed everything up.

Software also has the advantage that it can be paid for monthly rather than requiring high capital expenditure at the outset.

Three benefits are quickly realised:

  • Faster clearer processes that improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Usability – once installed a good warehouse software package will have clear, easily followed operator instructions; with only basic training required before you are up and running.
  • Security – all events can be logged real time in a database, which can be queried, to check what happened and when it happened.

“Not only has it helped to reduce our costs, it’s also made us significantly more efficient as a business.”

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imio Software Solutions is a UK warehouse software business specialising in warehousing and fulfilment. imio began life as a warehouse software interface to complement the automation solutions offered by Conveyor Networks Limited. Although still part of Conveyor Networks, demand for imio software has grown to the extent it is now a separate sister company of Conveyor Networks.

Why use imio software?

imio is a warehouse software suite designed to cover all aspects of warehouse management. It started life as a basic automation and software interface, relaying information from machinery to host systems. Growing from Conveyor Networks understanding of automation and the flow of goods through the warehouse imio is now a robust, modern, easily deployed warehouse software suite that comes as a suite of warehouse modules covering all aspects of warehouse management.

imio module cubes image

They can be taken one by one to match your growth or as the complete WMS.

It successfully powers key elements of the warehouse operations of UK brands such as QVC, Virgin Media, Gameseek, Debenhams, The Book People and many more.

To find out more see our website where you can watch a video which explains more about our imio warehouse software https://imiosoftware.co.uk/imio-wms/.

“We constantly need real time operational updates. This latest version of imio provides a clear picture of what’s happening with our high value goods. It also allows us to maximise throughput and meet our customer service commitments.”

To speak to one of our team or discuss your warehouse software requirements you can contact us by calling 01925 742888 or you can email info@imiosoftware.co.uk.