Material Flow Control

imio-MFC provides warehouse control software offering maximum benefit to your business with greater efficiencies and less maintenance downtime.


Material Flow Control software is a necessity rather than just a luxury for warehouses. At imio Software Solutions we have found that it doesn’t matter what products or goods you are storing and despatching, using warehouse control software always improves the efficiency and accuracy of your operation, as well as providing real time monitoring and diagnostics.

Seamless warehouse control system integration with high level host systems e.g. WMS

Real time interface with automation equipment

Results data for reporting

Who’s it for?

imio-MFC (material flow control) is suitable for all ecommerce organisations. From those taking their first steps into warehouse software to those who may already have an established WMS, but need effective integration with warehouse automation.


We design and install bespoke, fully integrated control solutions to optimise your automation performance. Our team at imio Software Solutions design and code control networks inhouse, so we can ensure every control system is appropriate for each warehouse. We provide simple systems for small warehouses to complex larger control systems.

Licensed warehouse control system.

Developed and supported in-house.

A uniform real time interface to a variety of automation equipment.

Clear GUI and functions for efficient use and control.

Data collection for operational performance analysis.

Software and automation

imio software is based on our understanding of automation and its efficiency benefits and our ability to integrate software and machinery. This approach provides an automation upwards logic (rather than ERP downwards) rooted in the real time operational world.

We can deliver a warehouse control system to work with your existing automation or as part of a completely new system.

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Find out more

Our short video case study talks through the core features of imio’s warehouse control solutions.

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