Automation up
not ERP down

Sister company Conveyor Networks’ pedigree is in providing best in class, intelligent automation solutions. imio was initially developed to bind the automated system together via data flow management and what we call middleware.

Ongoing development in response to a variety of automated systems followed. As more features have been added imio is now a no frills, fit for purpose software suite able to meet the complexities and challenges of e-commerce and omni-channel retailing.

In 2013 imio was awarded Microsofts’ silver development competency and Conveyor Networks accorded Partner status.

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Watch a step by step guide showing how imio integrates with machinery.


We work with leading MHE suppliers integrating our software with a variety of controls and hardware partners. We are comfortable integrating legacy systems as well as the latest technologies.

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PLC / Controls

Data collection
and reporting

We are already familiar with using SCADA and HMI to analyse and present operational data. We have used this expertise to design a user friendly interface for imio. With user based permissions it makes it easy to run the whole system and make changes based on real time operational data ensuring that the machinery continues to work to maximum efficiency. In this way the flow of goods through the warehouse continues to meet customer needs and reflect changing order volumes.

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