Treble Your Packing Productivity Levels…

As the news of Debenhams calling in the administrators to restructure its debt reached us last week, it is becoming even more vital that companies that have distribution centres focus on enhancing and improving their productivity.

The pressure to pick, pack and fulfil orders more quickly is on, despite the fact that for many the number of orders continue to grow. There is no doubt that businesses that have distribution centres, which can move a greater range of products quickly and cost effectively, will create a competitive advantage.

As it becomes inevitable that warehouses will take on a more critical role, the question remains how do people in charge of these operations maximise productivity? Watch our new vlog with our Sales and Marketing Director, Marcus as he explains how imio-PACK, a flexible and smart warehouse packing software platform that manages packing and labelling processes, can help deliver efficiencies for ecommerce order fulfilment.

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