scanR is an edge computing barcode capture solution, which seamlessly connects to multiple hardware systems to perform scan-intensive asset tracking and provide immediate worker feedback.

Eliminate pick and despatch errors created by manual processes, improving operational productivity

Increase operational speed by 50% through instant worker feedback

Seamless host / legacy system integration ensures quick adoption and risk reduction

Improve routing accuracy with auto sorting validation, improving SLAs and cost reductions

Improve operational speed and accuracy 

Innovative scanning software

In combination with suitable hardware, scanR software can seamlessly integrate with existing processes to record scanned barcodes, and provide immediate worker feedback on the validity of the active process.

The barcode capture solution supports connection to scanning hardware via RF / Bluetooth to suit the working environment. Integration with existing business systems provides multiple benefits, audit / QA logging, item track and trace, process guidance, and much more.

scanR also connects to the wider imio software suite offering multiple discreet process improvement opportunities.

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Retail & Ecomm
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Supply Chain
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Working in partnership with ProGlove to create efficient flow of information.

Ergonomic design enables hands-free use

Lightweight wearable scanning device

Optimised for a high frequency scanning environment

Fast response Bluetooth connectivity

Long battery life

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Call us today on:

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