Many Happy Returns

A leading UK book retailer has signed a six-figure deal with imio Software Solutions to upgrade its Returns Warehouse Management System, ready for deployment in early 2019.

The imio team have been commissioned to upgrade the retailer’s dated store returns software.

The project will include improving the returns functionality of the base sorter by using the modern software architecture of imio-WMS. It will also include hand held terminal (HHT) integration, allowing greater visibility of SKUs to improve productivity. In addition, the hardware running the sorter will be updated to enable direct communication with a new camera solution, making the system simpler and more secure, whilst retaining functionality.

The project scope will also include new features within the current returns sorter. As part of the, imio will sort items into the designated chutes depending on sort type, allowing the user to define SKUs over multiple chutes with different return amounts.

Ben White, Head of Business Development at imio Software Solutions added:

“This leading book retailer processes millions of store returns every year. For the business to achieve greater productivity and accuracy, a software solution that would integrate seamlessly with its existing machinery was needed.

imio Software Solutions was chosen to provide a significant upgrade to the retailer’s incumbent system, ensuring an efficient working environment was maintained. The solution implemented by imio will reduce the risk of breakdowns, provide a more accurate audit trail and create a less manual time-consuming process.

“Developed with a solid understanding of automation and latest technologies, imio was the perfect partner for this project. Our ability to implement a scalable and flexible software solution for the retailer, which will drive efficiencies in its store returns process will ultimately help achieve its business objectives.”

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