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Warehouse Management Systems

Formed 2009 Conveyor Networks (www.conveyornetworks.co.uk) provide best in class warehouse automation and software solutions for retail and eCommerce businesses of all sizes
Our in house developed Warehouse Management software ‘imio’ can be used as a complete solution or clients can select modules to suit their needs. Not only that but with Conveyor Networks having a team of creative software engineers in-house, imio software will integrate seamlessly with your automation and software set up giving you a Warehouse Management System that will grow with your business.

What is ‘imio’?

imio warehouse management systems width=‘imio’ was Conveyor Networks’ automation and software interface, relaying information from machinery to host systems. imio has grown from a solid understanding of automation and the flow of goods through the warehouse. Ongoing development has resulted in a robust, modern, easily deployed warehouse management system that manages the logistics in your warehouse from goods in to packing and despatch.

For full details and to watch a video which talks you through all the options available within the ‘imio’ brand you can see our website https://imiosoftware.co.uk/warehouse-management-systems/ or alternatively read on for a brief overview of the modules available.

imio receive
The module within the imio Warehouse Management System managing Goods In. This imio wms module puts you in control, with realtime stock visibility showing what has arrived and where it needs to go. Supplier and delivery lists, booking and cross docking functionality reduce errors and allow accurate tracking of goods.

imio software processesimio putaway
This function of imio wms allows you to track and record the movement of goods and provides route optimisation, location consolidation, product zoning, cycle counting and replenishment. Designed for use on handheld devices and desktops

imio pick
imio pick provides route optimisation, product prioritization, R F picking, pick to light, routing, interfaces to carousels and error handling.

imio pack
This element of the imio Warehouse Management System software, speeds up the packing processes and reduces errors through it’s ability to integrate with automated equipment and host IT systems. Barcode scanning, order verification, label printing and carrier integration result in an efficient, accurate process and excellent customer service.

imio software testimonial

imio software testimonial

imio software testimonial

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To talk to one of our experienced team about your Warehouse Management Systems, give us a call on 01925 742888 or you can email us with your requirements info@imiosoftware.c.ouk, alternatively you can contact us through our website https://imiosoftware.co.uk/imio-contact-us/.