imio licensing

imio is a licensed software product so our customers have peace of mind knowing that they receive

Support (Non SLA)

Guaranteed updates and bug fixes which guard against the latest security threats.

Minimum overall performance requirements specified and met.

The latest version and features available to you.

We manage all of the above rather than you.

We offer two license options, depending on customer preference and need.

imio software suite lite
imio software suite enterprise
imio software suite standard
imio software suite core


Our concurrent license is based on pre agreed user numbers. E.g. A ten user license. This allows up to ten users to use the software simultaneously. Users can be human operators, machine interfaces, carrier interfaces or APIs.

The license is renewable annually with a license key issued on receipt of either one annual payment or the first of a series of monthly payments.


This model allows users to make a one off payment in return for unlimited use of that version of the software. Additional payment is required for ongoing maintenance. This includes items such as technical support and the right to major software updates.