Host system integration

As your business grows and you need to achieve greater visibility of your supply chain, your warehouse and fulfilment software should be adaptable, multi-functional and flexible.

imio has a modular structure, which allows you to evolve your system by enabling the rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications. When integrated into your host system, imio’s micro services-based architecture will have minimal impact to your team’s workload, and your existing software and hardware. imio will seamlessly connect with your retail software communicating inventory levels, so that stores and online systems know exactly what is available.

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Seamless integration

Many incumbent ERP, OMS and WMS systems may not provide the flexibility required to integrate with out-of-the-box automation. As your business develops its automation requirements, there will be key questions you need to ask to make sure your software decisions are ‘right first time’. ‘Does my WMS fit with my automation plans?’ Does my WMS interface with automated equipment easily and cost effectively?’

Improve distribution centre efficiency, productivity, customer service

Increase visibility, agility, accuracy and throughput

Decrease distribution costs and inventory levels