WMS products can be costly – in time and money. imio is different, a no frills, fit for purpose software suite, that either links host systems to physical operations or can be deployed as a fully fledged WMS able to meet the complexities and challenges of e-commerce and multi-channel retailing.

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Our approach

We offer a flexible approach, initially based on visits to you so we gain a full understanding of what’s important and what you need to do.

Made for you

Because our software is based on a modular structure you can take the elements of it that you need and know that it will scale up as you grow. It’s modern micro services based architecture means that we can make adjustments, quickly and accurately if you’re looking for something non standard.

imio warehouse management software

What our
customers think

Many of our customers have done exactly that. imio often acts as “middleware” for their operation.

Sitting in between the higher level host systems and the shopfloor it directs the automation.

This improves throughput dramatically whilst communicating an accurate real-time picture of exactly what is going on via imio’s reporting suites.