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Together with our sister company, Conveyor Networks we have been delivering complex automation and software solutions for the retail and Ecom sector for over 10 years.

We have experience in all types of supply chain and fulfilment software solutions. We provide full end to end management solutions as well as discrete applications which bring Industry 4.0 solutions to life.

Our concept is simple, we have designed our software on a micro services architecture so that we can implement small changes to your system without having a big impact on operations. It also means that we can provide discrete plug-ins to your legacy systems that provide big benefits, fast deployment and fast ROI.

5 Key Areas
Whilst we have end to end functionality through our full management systems we also identify 5 key areas of the fulfilment centre to concentrate on:
Goods In

Need automated fulfilment solutions?

We have modules that support the 5 key areas above and beyond, for example; carrier integration using our carryR app provides an API with leading carriers to make the delivery service level function and label generation that much easier which is nicely coupled with our packR order packing software which can sit on top of your existing WMS to pack orders upto 300% quicker. Our scanR app brings life to world leading wearable devices supporting Industry 4.0.

Many operators need to balance ever increasing demands from consumers with the inevitable march towards further automation. Both of these issues can be made easier with software from imio Software Solutions, the trading partner of Conveyor Networks Limited. We all have a thirst for having data “now” which means that the “real time” data handling and reporting that imio software provides is a huge benefit. Presentation of data and analytics in a user friendly way is becoming more popular. imio software naturally interacts with lots of systems and products, capturing and processing data from disparate systems. Our user friendly dashboard dashR ensures that you have the visibility when you need it and how you need it.

The key in reducing operational overheads, whilst still having the flexibility to meet seasonal demands lies in integrating software and automation with future thinking solutions. Retail in particular can be subject to huge swings between low and high months, which can cause bottlenecks in the distribution centre on peak days. Technology holds key.


Many warehouses need to maximise operations within a small window of opportunity (i.e. Peak) and we can provide a range of Software Solutions that will ensure you can quickly deploy more operatives at a pace to suit demand. So flexible and dynamic licence based software can have a positive impact with a high return on investment.


The pressure to meet increasing customer demands and maintain high service levels can impact on quality checking procedures. We provide clear and precise Industry 4.0 compliant Software automation technology like scanR and carryR, scanning and carrier integration products to ensure great accuracy so your SLA’s remain high and your customer experience is a great one.


We can deliver your business an end-to-end software service or modular apps able to integrate with legacy systems to dramatically impact the efficiency of your overall operation. Our solutions in manual, semi/automated packing and despatch will enable efficient integration throughout your operation.

Retail / Ecom Experience

We offer a one-stop-shop for customised, efficient and flexible Software and automation solutions to suit any business size. With expertise across high street and online operations, our range of products and services will ensure rapid increases in productivity, whether you are handling boxes, bags, or pallets, whether apparel or hard goods, Conveyor Networks and imio software have a solution for you.

Our software clients include, Virgin Media, WH Smith, Pets at Home, Debenhams, QVC, John Lewis, Sports Direct, PPG/Johnstones paints and more.