Industry 4.0 is revolutionising the sector, allowing us to understand what is happening within a warehouse in real-time. Data within the warehouse and logistics environment is increasing in volume. One of the biggest challenges facing our customers is how to manage this data to make valued business decisions.

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dashR enables the complete journey of each and every parcel to be tracked in a digestible dashboard, helping to ensure a consistent experience for your customers. dashR offers customers the ability to integrate with and have visibility of all their warehouse data.

dashR offers custom reports using this data, which help businesses manage KPIs and provide actionable insights:

Centralised decision making

Real-time, custom-driven reports

Live overview providing full system performance picture

Simple user-friendly dashboards


Bringing together the most important metrics from your warehouse and fulfilment operations in an accessible way, imio-DASH also integrates with your other systems to collate data in a central portal, delivering real benefits to your business. We have standard integrations with ERPs, carriers, marketplaces and accounting systems to name a few.

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