QVC, Phase 2. 2015

Software, User and Automation interfaces.

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QVC were installing 3 bagging machines for their jewellery packing.  They asked Conveyor Networks to create data and user software interfaces that would improve the efficiency and visibility of the operation.

To interface with 3 desktop baggers

To enable next day delivery

To provide a multi-level software User Interface

Real-time reporting KPI

Systems delivered

In this case imio interfaces with three PS 125 Table top baggers from Automated Packaging Systems, as well as a micro controller to allow the line to operate correctly.  Conveyor Networks collaborated with Automated Packaging Systems to undertake pre-installation testing in their workshop.


When imio combines with machinery the benefits are

Efficiency - faster, clearer processes with real time reporting

Security – imio logs all actions in its database which can be queried at any time.

Usability – a clear UI requiring little training to use.

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QVC Automation interfaces and Software

QVC Phase 2 Case Study

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