QVC, Phase 1. 2013


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An outbound despatch system that would keep pace with QVCs sales activity and enable them to provide competitive customer service at all times.

To provide next day national delivery to all QVC customers

To provide real time reporting on pre-defined KPIs.

To despatch a large product range from a varied supplier base allowing for inconsistencies in handling and data capture technology.

To reduce reliance on manual systems.

Systems delivered

A bespoke solution able to manage high order volumes from several sales channels plus peaks generated by regular promotions.


imio integrates seamlessly with QVCs core business systems providing:

Excellent software and automation interface

Reduced labour costs, increased efficiency, improved customer experience

Up to 1080 pieces/hr throughput

24/7 support with remote access for PLC and high level WCS software systems.

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Warehouse Control System for QVC

QVC Case Study

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