Automated Returns Bagging Solution

Automated Returns Bagging Solution

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A system that would efficiently send returns kits to Virgin Media customers so the customer could return their equipment conveniently with the correct paperwork. Kuehne + Nagel were looking to automate the process and have full visibility of the operational performance.

Systems delivered

imio automated packing. imio’s automated packing app allows the operator to select the type of returns order they need to send out, prints the relevant paperwork and ensures it is included with each order.


Communication back to the client order management system verifies when the return was sent out and to who. Hourly performance reports are provided so that Kuehne + Nagel can constantly assess their operational status.

Efficiency - faster, clearer processes with real time reporting

Security – imio logs all actions in its database which can be queried at any time.

Usability – a clear UI requiring little training to use.

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Kuehne Nagel Automated Returns Solution

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