DHL, Debenhams Phase 1. 2014

Automated Bagging System

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An outbound despatch system that would manage the high volumes generated by Debenhams sales activity and enable them to meet a variety of fulfilment commitments including.

Next day national delivery for all orders placed before 10pm.

Evening, weekend and nominated day deliveries.

To provide real time reporting on pre-defined KPIs.

To despatch a varied product range.

Reduce reliance on manual systems.

Systems delivered

At Debenhams imio controls a complex automation solution incorporating real time packing, label design and print as well as dynamic printing of all customer specific paperwork.


The software provides real time reporting and QA, and seamless integration with Debenhams Warehouse Management and Carrier Management systems.

Throughput - up to 800 pieces/hr

Efficiency - the printing, labelling and bagging solution are integrated with the product flow automatically, imio scans both SKU and pack slip to ensure integrity.

IT integration - all functions are controlled by imio software which communicates directly with all systems and collates data for processing and reporting.

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Debenhams Automated Bagging System

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