Scalable and flexible

Start with discrete software applications and add to them as you grow, or use imio-WMS (warehouse management system) for complete process management.

imio software suite lite
imio software suite standard
imio software suite enterprise
imio software suite core
imio warehouse management software
imio warehouse control system

Quick to install and easy to use

imio software integrates seamlessly with host IT systems and its user friendly interface means minimal training is needed on how to use our warehouse management software. Our packing tutorial shows how easy it is to use.

Software and automation

imio – Interface Manager Inbound and Outbound.

Interface Manager started as an automation and software interface, relaying information from machinery to host systems.

Ongoing development has resulted in a robust, modern, easily deployed warehouse management software suite.

imio has grown from a solid understanding of automation and the flow of goods through the warehouse and as a result is designed with automation in mind.


Watch our video to see how warehouse software, in particular our WMS (warehouse management system) could improve your warehouse operations.

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software licensing

Software specialists

imio is developed and supported by a dedicated team of warehouse software engineers. We are committed to best practices and imio boasts modern microservices software architecture, a wide range of integrations and a license model.

Our status as Microsoft Silver Partners reflects this commitment.

Thought leaders and innovators

Warehouse software and logistics are both changing rapidly. We stay on top of future trends by partnering with research and academic organisations such as Heriot-Watt University and STFC.

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